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Gary Leasor is the owner of Leasor & Associates, LLC. and has provided consulting services to various size insulation companies as well as other sub-contracting companies in the construction industry over the last forty-two (42) years.

Over eighteen (18) years, Gary was manager of the Customer Financial Services organization for Owens Corning where his organization provided financial consulting services to various insulation contracting companies located throughout the United States.

Over the next four years, Gary became a partner of Cary Insulation located in Fair Haven, New Jersey. At Cary Insulation, Gary acquired eighteen (18) Insulation companies located in eleven different states and they were combined with the fourteen companies that were owned by his two partners. In 1999, a Fortune 200 Company acquired all thirty-two (32) companies of Cary Insulation and Gary became the Vice President of Operations/Acquisitions.

As Vice President of Acquisitions for the Fortune 200 Company, Gary acquired an additional forty-five (45) contracting companies over the next seven years. In addition to Acquisitions, as Vice President of Operations, Gary successfully managed twenty-two (22) branch locations in various cities across the United States. This practical experience proved extremely valuable in allowing Gary to expand his operational and financial knowledge in the insulation and sub-contracting industries.

The bottom line is that Gary has a wealth of experience and knowledge on acquisitions as well as the operational aspects of the insulation and sub-contracting industries. If you are looking at the possibility of selling your business, Gary can assist you and your personnel in the process. Gary's services range from assisting in the preparation of the required documentation to actively participating in the negotiation process. If required, Gary has relationships with other professionals who's main focus is acquisitions and mergers.

We specialize in providing customized business solutions for the insulation and sub-contracting industries, based on the individual needs and objectives of each of our clients.

Leasor & Associates

Leasor & Associates is a business consulting and management advisory service firm offering specialized expertise to insulation companies as well as other sub contracting companies in the construction industry. Our range of services include mergers and acquisitions, strategic and financial planning, management control systems, and financial seminars and training.

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