Mergers and Acquisitions

As a seller or buyer in a merger or acquisition, there is a great deal more work to do than just a financial transaction.  Listed below are some key factors that must be considered by the seller:

How to get the maximum value out of your business and develop compensation plans for your existing management team.

Due Diligence
In addition to the traditional focus on financial (accounting, taxes, etc.) legal, and regulatory compliance in the due diligence process, the seller should identify other “hidden” values such as undervalued intangible and tangible assets.

The success of any merger or acquisition depends on the transition and integration stages when merging two corporate cultures into a common culture.

Strategic Planning

One of the most critical aspects of owning a business is developing a “game plan” or roadmap for the business.  Not only must you understand your business today, you must also foresee what your business will look like in one, three, and five years. Developing a plan to achieve your goals through increased market share, new markets, or new products is crucial.  After a complete evaluation of your business, we will work closely with you to develop a short term and long term strategic plan to assist you in meeting the goals you have established for your business.

Financial Management and Internal Controls

Management control systems should include both financial and non-financial measurements to evaluate the overall efficiencies of your business.  By applying the financial and non-financial “averages” for your specific industry, we can develop strategies to resolve any deficiencies and set targets to maximize future returns.   As part of this process, we will review your operational processes to insure that procedures are in place to safeguard your corporate resources.

Financial Seminars and Training

Gary Leasor has provided financial seminars and training to thousands of business owners over the last forty-two (42) years.  Most of the seminars focus on developing and understanding the Management Control Systems.  Gary’s seminars have always been well attended and rated the highest in overall content for the total programs provided by an organization.

Listed below are some of the topics learned in the seminars:

  • Leverage financial ratios to analyze trends, conduct industry comparisons, and predict financial problems before they become insurmountable.
  • Using non-financial “averages” to determine the overall productivity of your personnel and company assets.
  • Gain insights and improve your working knowledge of financial statements to streamline communication with accountants, bankers, and other financial personnel.

We specialize in providing customized business solutions for the insulation and sub-contracting industries, based on the individual needs and objectives of each of our clients.

Leasor & Associates

Leasor & Associates is a business consulting and management advisory service firm offering specialized expertise to insulation companies as well as other sub contracting companies in the construction industry. Our range of services include mergers and acquisitions, strategic and financial planning, management control systems, and financial seminars and training.

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